After minimalism, so what now?

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"No more..." by nonaromatique


No more unconscious consumerism,

no more impulse buying.


So what now?


What happens if I quit buying all these things? What am I able to create, when I am not buying anything to make myself happy?


In my case, the answer was zero waste.


My journey of zero waste, which just started a while ago, has been incredibly creative. I have learned my own way to produce personal care products in my own preferable way, which also happens to reduce waste.

I can hardly imagine myself being a vegan, but these lifestyle shifts - organic, minimalism, zero waste and veganism tend to come in line. They are ultimately integrated. It is all about genuinely kind to your soul and body (I acknowledge that not everybody is for veganism, like me) at the same time to the environment. 

It all leads to the realization that, "more" does not make you happy. Does more sugar make you happy, just because you want it? No. Too much sugar can make one unhealthy, thus unhappy. 

Unfortunately we have been distracted so long that we did not realize this simple fact, by heavy consumerism and marketing.


Both minimalism and zero waste are about knowing that "enough is good". It is also about recognizing the limit of yourself and the environment as resource then stoping and thinking about what we can do from now on.


What minimalism and zero waste are not about - apathy. They are not about giving up nor abandoning, rather they stand in the opposite. 


People say minimalism and zero waste are for the privileged. I say no. Because being happy is not just for the privileged. The privileged merely have not been doing a good job in knowing enough is good. They are merely rediscovering it and there is nothing wrong with it. And for those who consider themselves as non-privileged, I would like to ask you a question - do you live on $1 a day? Do you have trouble finding your food everyday? For those who suffer for real, our words in regards to what is privileged or not, are trivial and laughable. And yes, I agree that for those who live hardest days, do not have to fight for anything else or anybody else. 


We are talking about how to slow things down, to be happy, when everything is way too fast. We merely try to see what we have to see, the truth, when the world around us is forcing us to see something else, marketing lies. 


It is merely about taking your right to make a decision back in your own hands. And I don't see any limitation to be creative after achieving it.


Luckily, knowing enough is good, being creative and being happy are synonyms. 


So what now? 

Let's be creative.