Art of Saying No - minimalism and zerowaste

“Saying is NO is incredibly creative. It's such an art” — you may wonder, "Is it?" Yes it is, only when you have alternatives in your hand.

The art of saying no, unfortunately has been underrated. It has been recognized as a synonym for "giving it all up" thus not creative.

But this is not the case.


Similarly, being a minimalist or a zerowaster, can be views as "ascetic".


Especially for minimalism, as much as we wish it to be in some way creative or positive, we have to admit that the word is more often associated with denial of something, which could sound negative. 


People also view zerowaster as someone abstaining from infamous plastic and constantly being well prepared with reusable goods instead of just having a care-free fun time with disposables.


In some aspects, these observations are true. Because if you cannot incorporate minimalism and zero waste in your life in a way that most suits you, they are what you have to experience.

And I have to acknowledge that those were experienced by myself, just because I was being unnecessarily perfectionist. 


The point I am making is that saying no to clutter, plastic and disposables equally is an art of living and has creativity in it, just as saying yes to things and matters.

In short, if yes is creative then no can be too.


Because saying no is a start point of being creative. Once you say no to something, you have to find something alternative

You are in some way forced to be creative, because you just deliberately created some space and time to think or do something, by saying no. 


I am not saying that you can automatically be creative once you say no. There is some effort that has to be made, obviously. 


And that's what exactly makes it an art.

And that is exactly why we must enjoy it.