Being a loser: key to succeed

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How can you be a winner when you don’t even know how to be a loser?


For those of who have been underdogs for a long time, this sentence should sound way too familiar.


You never are a winner if you don’t know how to lose because that clearly means that you have only fought wars that you know you could win. That is, you never have even tried to start a war that you could possibly lose in.


Labeling yourself as a winner has least positive effect on either yourself and people around you. You are always potentially ignorant of how miserable a loser would feel when things just don’t go right for them. But unfortunately this happens a lot. And people who can confidently label themselves a loser, might feel discomfort in communicating with this kind of people, because they just seem to be pretentious.


So how can these pretentious winners can be successful in *always* considering themselves as winners?

1. You can only think of yourself as a winner because you think you are better than the people around you. If you really are to ask yourself, have I conquered my weaknesses today, the answer is most of the time no. That is, if you are to compare your real self to your ideal self, you are most likely to be an loser. Comparing yourself with people around you, merely distracts your attention that should primarily has to be pointed at yourself. And at people around you too. We should know better than wasting your time to compare with others. We should rather focus more on ourselves and on others to show consideration. In short, they do not know how to face themselves and their problems.


2. They do not want to, cannot or do not even know how to admit their failure. Or they do not even realize that they are not admitting their failures, when the failures are crystal clear to others.

I get it if they want to look away from the reality.

Because being a loser is essentially tiring. But it’s better to be simply tired than to be fed up with yourself and to end up being unable to trust yourself. Deceiving your eyes to see right through yourself is the way to *genuinely* lose.


So why is being a loser a key to success?

That is because being a loser or considering yourself a loser temporarily is an indication that you are extremely honest to yourself. That honesty is the key to success. Without being honest to yourself, you will not be able to know what needs to be done next to solve your problems and ensure success.


Let’s take a risk to lose first to succeed