Do I have to grow my armpit hair to be a feminist?


collage by nonaromatique

The answer is no. Feminism should not be reduced into something trivial or personal. It should be something broad and common to connect women around the world. I would rather see the world never discussing anything like this.

Feminism is essentially about equality. If equality also refers to the same amount of exposure or attention to hair of men and women, these discussions are not even remotely relevant. I do not understand why no one would question photos of men shaving their armpit hair not trending at all.

Moreover, if we really get into this whole hair discussions we should be also talking about hair in other areas as well (i.e. pubic hair)

Men wearing high heels — they rarely make their decision a political statement because they do not have to. Nevertheless women had to make their personal choice to grow armpit hair public, political and even a trend.

This difference should be discussed as gender inequality issue. Having to making it a trend itself is a problem. We are addressing something totally misdirected. Also we have a number of issues to be solved; inequality in payment, violence against women, sexual harassment at work….

So why armpit hair? An advocate for growing armpit hair explains: “we are challenging the norm of beauty” Wait, wasn’t short hair/ tom boy hair also a big challenge to the norm of beauty? Aren’t we always challenging the norm of beauty and isn’t that exactly what pursuing beauty is all about?

Is preference for armpit hair anyway different from one for your hair style? Is it anyway different from your preference for your pubic hair? NO, NO, NO.

Why do you make it so sensational? It’s hair in the end. Just hair. Let’s just not talk about it anymore. It merely degrades feminism, which is lamentable.